Project Description


STRADA was called upon by our client to help manage the numerous projects associated with their Public Transit Program, which included rapid transit service, enhanced bus service, and efforts to expand public transit service throughout the region. The multifaceted and complex program, aimed at enhancing quality of life, driving economic activity, and increasing mobility for citizens within the region, has the potential to interface with other city and agency plans, projects, and strategies. Our client engaged us to establish and run a program management office (PMO) to provide oversight and quality assurance to ensure that the city’s prime objectives and desired outcomes were achieved. We accomplished this through coordination and alignment of all projects and resources, which included:

PMO activities include the following:

  • Developing the program conceptual strategy and planning for the city’s Public Transit Program
  • Developing and maintaining the master program schedule that consolidates all implementation tasks, related projects, sponsor activities, responsibilities, resources, and milestones
  • Consolidating specific activities to achieve synergy and more efficient use of resources

  • Developing and maintaining a project management plan comprising a set of standardized tools, techniques, and processes to be applied across all projects
  • Monitoring budgets, coordinating program activities, producing project status reports, communicating project progress, managing quality activities, and other related tasks
  • Documenting, tracking, and assisting with the resolution of project risks and issues throughout program implementation
  • Acting as an interface for the city and key stakeholders, including the state department of transportation and the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration