At STRADA, our mission is to provide the greatest value to our clients in the services and technical solutions we provide. Our vision is to establish and honor an unparalleled level of trust with the organizations we serve, by delivering exceptional client relationships, a deep and broad technological knowledge base, and a team of consultants, analysts, and engineers committed to a spirit of service.


At STRADA, we center our work around the bedrock values of integrity, trustworthiness, respect, performance, and safety. These values drive every service we provide and every interaction we have with the clients who rely on us to turn their business opportunities into reality.


We live here, we work here, we raise our families here, and to us, “home” is more than just a house. That’s why our professionals are dedicated to contributing to the betterment of the people and communities in Birmingham and everywhere we work. This dedication has earned recognition from national organizations, but some of our proudest contributions are to local efforts such as schools, churches, shelters, housing initiatives, and other worthy community causes. We strive to support the youth of our communities by offering internship and mentorship programs to develop young professionals with bright futures.