Project Description


STRADA Professional Services, LLC is leading an effort, in cooperation with the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH), to develop a web-based Transit Management System Reporting software to replace the Alabama Department of Transportation’s (ALDOT) existing Alabama Transit Reporting System (ATRS) and Bus Maintenance and Management System (BMMS) software. Replacement of these two software systems will:

STRADA’s leadership roles include:

  • Help ALDOT to streamline its current paper-based business processes;
  • Assist ALDOT to efficiently administer and track Federal Transit Administration funding for programmatic transit programs, and;
  • Aid small urban, rural public transit, and human service transportation providers to better manage and record vehicle maintenance activities.

STRADA completed a comprehensive discovery effort that gathered information about the ALDOT transit business processes. The discovery effort also helped ALDOT to better understand the complexities of their own internal processes. In addition to working with ALDOT, STRADA gathered input from small urban, rural public transit, and human service transportation providers. These entities provided feedback on the existing processes and gave input to the design of the new software.

When completed, STRADA will provide ALDOT with a comprehensive transit management system that enables them to:

  • Communicate with transit providers;
  • Identify and award funding to worthy projects;
  • Better manage subrecipient grants, and;
  • Monitor maintenance activities for federally funded assets.

An online learning portal also will enable UAH to deliver continuing education and professional development content to transit service providers via their administration of the Rural Transit Assistance Program.

The new Transit Management System Reporting software will enable transit providers to focus on program development and service delivery by speeding up routine processes such as grant applications, budget adjustments/modificationsand invoicing.  It also will help them to better monitor and manage their federal-aid assets.