Project Description


STRADA oversaw a new reservoir project beginning in 2013. The construction of a new reservoir was being considered by a utility authority. The permitting process was stalled, and Strada joined the team of engineers, financiers, legal counsel, the authority and federal permitting entities to assist in moving the project through the permitting project to conclusion.

The project entails the following:

  • Understanding the immediate needs and priorities of the authority
  • Working with the other team members to make ourselves aware of the current project status, what has transpired since the last meeting with the team, pending priorities, and obstacles there may have been over the past few months to prevent accomplishment of those priorities

  • Developing a clear view of the technical substance of the project by working with other engineers to understand all the relevant technical details, including relevant data packages, any updates to those data, technical matters that have been discussed with regulatory agencies, and responses the agencies have provided in those discussions
  • Providing assessment of obstacles to moving the project forward
  • Making recommendations for the forward movement of the project