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STRADA Professional Services, LLC

We are here to answer all your questions and assist you with all of your engineering services needs.

STRADA Professional Services, LLC is a minority-owned engineering and consulting company.  The company’s partners, staff, and strategic alliance members have over 170 years of combined experience in engineering, construction, design, and management.

The services provided by the company and strategic alliances include transportation, utility planning, design, program management, facility management, and construction management.

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Asset Management

We provide a full suite of asset management solutions to our clients.  Our services range from developing asset inventories, such as geographic information system mapping, to asset condition assessments through the use of diagnostic tools.  We assist our clients in (1) developing asset management strategies, (2) preparing implementation plans, (3) implementing plans, (4) assessing the performance of assets, and (5) developing retirement or repurposing of assets.  STRADA provides full-service management of our clients’  infrastructure and natural assets.  We identify the vulnerability of our clients’ assets to their operations and the criticality of asset failure and assist our clients in developing an appropriate and adequate response, which includes the development of funding strategies.

STRADA provides invasive and non-invasive diagnostics of buried infrastructure assets including water, wastewater, stormwater, and other pipeline systems.  Our diagnostic techniques include many different technologies that provide valuable information in determining the condition of pipelines and subsurface structures.  We also provide diagnostic assessments of above ground assets in these same areas.  Our diagnostic services allow our clients to understand what they have, the condition of their assets, and how to manage them to ensure the assets perform as intended.

We also provide management and planning services for our clients to assist in both capital and ongoing maintenance programs.  These management services allow our clients to maximize their available budgets and resources.